Uses For Dental Floss

Dental floss isn’t just used for good dental hygiene. There are lots of ways that dental floss can be used around your house.

Here are some of our favorite non-traditional uses for dental floss.

Clothes Line

Tie some dental floss to two stationary objects and hang your clothes from them to create a clothes line.

String Popcorn

Dental floss is great for stringing popcorn or cereal to make some decorative garland.

Hang a Photo

Wire can scratch your walls, use dental floss to hang your photos instead.

Stronger String to Sew With

If you’re out of string or want something a little bit stronger, you can sew buttons on with some dental floss.

Clean Crevices

Use floss to help you remove dirt from crevices. This works well for cleaning off your tools.

Remove Cookies From the Tray

If you want to remove cookies from the baking tray without crumbling them, slide a piece of floss behind the cookies to separate it.

Fix Glasses

If you lose a screw in your glasses, you can run a piece of dental floss through the holes and knot it to keep your glasses together.

Tie Plants and Branches

Use dental floss to tie plants and branches so they grow properly.

Start a Fire

Wrap waxed dental floss around dry bark and kindling to help it set fire faster. The wax will burn and light up like a candle.

Makeshift Shoelaces

If you break a shoelace, you can use some dental floss in a pinch.

Fishing Line

Ties some dental floss to a branch and tie the other end to a safety pin to create a DIY fishing rod.

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