The Shape of Your Nose Tells a Ton about Your Personality!

The shape of your nose reveals your personality-Different people have different variety of physical features. If we talk about the nose, then we all know that the shape varies with the different people. But do you know that this special feature of the face has a great significance in our personality? Yes, you heard right! The shape of your nose can reveal a lot about your personality. How? Just read the following article mentioned below. We have mentioned all the related shapes with their specific meaning.

The Nubian Nose
This kind of shaped-nose has a straight and downward pointing end. Those people who possess such shapes are usually curious and inquisitive. They are also bright and cheerful and are ready to explore new things and gain new experiences in life. But at some phase they are humiliating.

The Greek Nose
The name for this shape was derived from ancient Greek sculptures. This shape is narrow and pointed at the bottom side. Such people are practical and have a well-balanced life. These people are also loyal and trustworthy and will keep your secrets to themselves.

3) The Hook Nose
Because of its unique shape, these kinds of nose are often compared with a bird’s beak. Those people who possess this shape possess an emotional and thoughtful mind. Such people are courageous and dare to take risks.

4) The Arched Nose
This shape has a curve at the nasal bone, but it’s pointed at the lower end. Those people who possess such shapes are multi-skilled, well-organized and work with greater efficiency. They work as professionals but their emotions may be stuck them harder.

5) The Button Nose
This shape is commonly found in most of the people. It is short and curvy. Such people have strong determination and can achieve what they wish for. They have a strong will and usually focus on their target. These people are quiet and calm but they can react spontaneously.

6) The Straight Nose
This is a flat and straight shaped nose which includes wide nostrils and round tip. These people can easily control their emotions and are good at predicting other people’s emotions. They are calm and patient.

7) The Concave Nose
This shape is a bit irregular and sharp. It includes a curve that is slightly outwards and an arch at the nasal bone. Those people who possess this shape are quite sensitive and emotional. They are helpful and always wear a smile on their face.

8) The Crooked Nose
As the name suggests it possesses a crooked shape. These people are usually straightforward. They first have a thorough examination of the situation and then come to a conclusion or make judgments.