Professional housekeeper shares the best cleaning hack for your shower

A great tip from a pro

The awesome thing about this shower-cleaning hack is that it comes from a professional housekeeper. With little time to work with, these experts have to work quickly but also efficiently. So, you’re going to love this time-saving tip.

Start with the right brush

While it might not seem like a big deal, this housekeeper says it’s important to select the right type of brush. Here is an example. She says to get this particular one or something similar.

Necessary ingredients

Getting soap scum off the walls and doors is the hardest part of cleaning a shower. But this expert has the key ingredients. Mix equal parts of Dawn liquid dish soap and cleaning vinegar in the brush’s reservoir.

Keep it handy

The next tip for this hack is to have the brush within reach inside the shower stall. Otherwise, reach for it once a week. In fact, this housekeeper suggests using it when you take a shower.

Scrub everywhere

Use the brush to scrub every surface inside of the shower. Include the basin floor, walls, and doors. When cleaning, move the brush in a circular motion.

Focus on the shower doors

The one part of the shower that always looks the worst is the doors. So, when using this cleaning hack, it’s worth spending a little extra time on them. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

Rinse off

After going over all the surfaces, you then need to rinse them off. Immediately, you’ll notice a difference. Keep in mind that for extra stubborn grime, you can use this hack more than once a week.

Sparkly clean

Just imagine having a shower that glistens. That’s what this hack will accomplish. Now, you never have to feel embarrassed about your bathroom again, which is especially nice when having company come to visit.

We love the internet

Remember, this is just one of the hundreds of home-cleaning hacks. Thanks to social media sites, you can find all kinds of amazing tips. Not only that, but many of these include products you make at home, which is a great way to save money.

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