Chef’s Top Kitchen Hacks To Make Cooking Easier

Prevent Boil Over

No better way to ruin the fun pasta-making vibes than an overflowing pot. There is however, a way to stop this from happening. Simply place a wooden spoon across the top of your pot.

No-Stick Measuring Spoon

Measuring out molasses or honey can make a mess, especially if you’re as clumsy as I am. Spray the inside with some cooking oil before you measure, and the oil will make it slide off so that your measuring spoon is easy to clean.

Peel Fruit in the Microwave

Save time by making your citrus fruit easier to peel. Throw your fruit in the microwave for 20 seconds and watch the peel slide right off.

Parchment Paper Cupcakes

Do you need to make cupcakes but don’t have a muffin tin or cupcakes cups? Fear not, you can still make your muffins. Use parchment paper instead, for a thrifty, economical solution.

Keep Plastic Wrap Cold

Plastic wrap is super annoying when it sticks to itself or rips. Keep your plastic wrap in the refrigerator. This will make the wrap stretch evenly and properly.

Open A Stubborn Jar

Wrapping a rubber band around the lid of your jar will give you a better grip on it. If you need more help, use a dishtowel over the rubberband top.